Hello and welcome.

I am Larry, and I am a practicing patent attorney at a large law firm in the Midwest. This blog is meant to be a gathering place for those of us who use Stoicism to guide our lives and for any lawyer who is searching for a philosophy of life. 

I discovered Stoicism in my thirties. One of my favorite podcasts recommended Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, and once I read that and began examining my life, I was forever changed. Stoicism has allowed me to not only survive but truly thrive. Its virtues – courage, justice, temperance, and wisdom – speak to me in a way that no other philosophy of life could.

I hope you join me as I write about how Stoicism has helped me and about how it might help you. Please reach out to [email protected] with any comments or questions.

Now, let’s do philosophy. Let’s do life.